FXMike Strain Jr., started doing special make-up effects at the age of twelve years old, having been influenced by his father & his love of art & creation.

He began by experimenting with all sorts of materials, creating basic appliances & latex slip masks. He then discovered the likes of Tom Savini, Dick Smith & David Ayres and Strains work was forever changed.

From the early 1980's until the mid 90's FXMike created various effects for numerous commercials, plays & TV show like Rescue 911 & Americas Most Wanted and then in 1994 he was hired to create all of the make-up FX, props & Pyrotechnics for his first feature film "Sinistre".

In 1995 he directed his own first feature film entitled "Vile 21" a sci-fi-ish, action horror film, which was later distributed on home video (VHS).

Since then he has created a wide array of FX including Make-up FX, Props, Pyrotechnics, Physical FX (like rain, wind, snow & fog), Break aways, Creatures, Custom costumes & more for more than 45 feature films as well as hundreds of commercials, TV shows, live productions & exhibits. Some of his latest work was recently in theaters in the film "You're Next" as well as most recently in the Atlanta Lottery commercial.

Strain still to this day has the love & excitement for creation & now shares that passion with his son Madison & wife Lily who regularly crew shows & travel with him. Still based out of Springfield, Missouri creating FX all over the world!