Miniature Illusions for Motion Pictures, Video Productions, Commercials & Display



a thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica or model.


represent on a smaller scale; reduce to miniature dimensions.

We love creating miniature illusions for projects. One of the original special effects used since the beginning of movie making.

Miniatures are another way to safely and cost effectively help you get that wide vista shot, blow up that sky scraper, see the space ship fly by or go to a place to expensive to visit or maybe it only exists in your mind!

We have been creating miniatures & models for over 20 years and have a passion for models and detail. We can create miniature people (puppets), vehicles, air craft, houses, buildings, props to full city scapes, foreign planets or what ever you can dream up!

Miniatures…Escape to the mini…

Not sure where to start? We are also available for hire as consultants.