Creating the Elements – Wind, Rain, Snow, Haze, Fog, Steam, Smoke, Blood & More

phys·i·cal ef·fect


an effect that occupies a tangible space or preceived by the sense of touch or smell.

FCFX creates physical FX on motion picture & video production set, stage (live shows), displays or even at parties.

We can fog up your scary back woods or create a heavenly vista. Make it rain for a romantic meeting or make it snow to freeze up a city. We can also safely get the blood flowing for a gory horror movie scene.

Maybe you need a kettle or bathroom to look like it is steaming or haze up a hallway to create the beams from flashlights.

We can help, having created physical FX for hundreds of motion pictures, TV shows, live show evens, Halloween parties and so much more!

Physical FX can be challenging, but with the right tools, technology and experience we can make it happen for you.

Not sure where to start? We are also available for hire as consultants.