Objects Used or Handled by Actors, as well as Safety Props & Weapons



a portable object other than furniture or costumes used on the set of a movie or stage performance.

FCFX has been creating “specialty” props since we first started creating FX. We can help you design and create any “speciality” prop needed for your next project or production.

We also create “Safety Props & Weapons” a few examples are rubber rocks, tools, glass, fire extinguishers & hard objects. Foam baseball bats, hammers & golf clubs.

Retractable knives & screwdrivers that can also be rigged to bleed (fake blood). We can also reproduce anything in light weight and break away materials for action, stunt & fight scenes.

Furniture, dishes, instruments & replicas (creating a safety or break away prop of something real or already existing.)

Props are never actor proof and if improperly used can still be deadly, broken and damaged.

For action and stunt scenes or when there is a lot of heavy special effects you should always have a trained and experienced Special Effects or Stunt Coordinator on staff to handle those days of shooting & work!

Not sure where to start? We are also available for hire as consultants.