Small Sparks to Flames Shooting Out of a Building to Breaking Glass & Blowing Up a Car.



the art of making fireworks. the use of fireworks for display, military purposes, etc. A brilliant or sensational display, as of rhetoric or musicianship.

FCFX has been creating pyrotechnic effects since the late 1980’s. Through out the years and changes FCFX still thrives to create the illusion of destruction and mayhem using pyrotechnics special effects.

There are a variable of FX to creating pyrotechnics including sparks, camp fires, smoke, bullet hits (squibs), flames, fire balls & explosions.

We are extensively trained & licensed to create these FX. If we do not feel safe about it, we will not do it! Preparation, practice and testing is what it takes to safely create these illusions.

We also work with stunt people to create awesome bodyburns and stunts with pyrotechnics safely!

We can create movie pyrotechnics or shoot a fireworks show for your next project, production or event.

Multi-state & ferdeally licensed.

Not sure where to start? We are also available for hire as consultants.