Rig & Support for Physical FX and Stunt Coordinators



the system of ropes, cables, or chains employed to support a structure (standing rigging ) and to control or set equipment ( running rigging ).



an action displaying spectacular skill and daring.


perform stunts, especially aerobatics.

FCFX can rig and help rig for physical effects & stunts.

We have experiences with the following;
Fly rigging, motors, scaffolding & platforms, pipes & beams, safety lines, fall arrest, cabling & wire rigs, truss, quick releases, pulleys, pneumatics & hydraulics, cables cutters, glass poppers, hardware & more.

We also have used and rent jerk vests, safety harnesses & belts, crash pads & mats, elbow, knee & shin guards, fire safety gel and again much more.

FCFX its self does not do any stunt work, but we have close contact to a local stunt coordinator & team we have worked with countless times and completely trust in their ability, expertise & skills. We also work well with other Stunt Coordinators and teams to support safety on the set.

We are highly trained and licensed to create these FX. If we do not feel safe about it, we will not do it! Plenty of preparation, planning and time keep these situations and sets safe!

Not sure where to start? We are also available for hire as consultants.